Thomas Wikman

The Singing Cook (cont)

...or how not to make it to an organ recital

So we arrived at a possible but unpalatable solution.  We would take the bus to Rome, stay overnight, and take off at 5 AM Sunday for Denmark.  We stayed in the town of Fiumicino, near the Rome airport.  At 5 am we took a taxi to the airport and got on a plane for Zurich, where we caught another flight to Copenhagen.  From Copenhagen we took a train to Hellerup, then another train to Hillerod.

From the train station, we took a cab to the castle, arriving at 3:35 pm for a 5:00 recital!  Two planes, two trains and two taxis!  Sounds like the title of a Steve Martin-John Candy film or an episode of The Amazing Race.

Meanwhile, Sven was standing in the courtyard of the castle wondering, "What should I play if he doesn't show up?"

We came screeching into the castle courtyard; Andrea took the luggage to our apartment in the castle, while I hurried to the organ.  With Sven pulling stops, I made it through a couple of pieces and then it was time to get dressed and play.  I ran back to our rooms, jumped into my concert clothes (didn't even shave), and ran back to the church.  I think I had 3 minutes to spare.

Although the trip had been an exhausting ten-and-a half-hours, my adrenaline was sky-high!  Those listening told me I played well, but I was in "focus" mode, and could only zero in on what I was doing.  More >>

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Fountain adorns courtyard of Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark The castle is surrounded by water Console of Compenius organ in the Royal Chapel, Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark