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Thomas Wikman Quiz #1


  1. Pécs, where Thomas Wikman performed on a 2004 tour of Hungary.  (This photo appears on the Tour Page: click on it to enlarge it)

  2. Both dances are in triple time, but the Sarabande is slow and graceful, while the Gigue (or Jig in English) is a boisterous dance with a heavy downbeat.

  3. "We don't serve minors here."

  4. While Reiner's right hand conducted through several of the most treacherous pages in the score, his left hand fumbled at his chest, disappeared into a pocket, came out with a piece of candy, extricated the lozenge from its cellophane wrapper and popped it into his mouth.

    Videotapes are a great way to learn more about the conductor's art.  "The Art of Conducting," which I purchased at Tower Records, includes historic performances by Toscanini and Furtwängler, as well as another astounding multitask feat by Reiner. --TW

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Organ at Pécs