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Thomas Wikman Quiz #1

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  1. The organ pictured on the right is in what cathedral?  (Hint: the same photo appears elsewhere on this web site).

  2. Baroque music is based on dance forms.  How can one distinguish between a Sarabande and a Gigue?

  3. C, G, and E-flat walk into a bar and order beers all around, but the bartender refuses to serve them.  What policy does he cite?

  4. Boston audiences were floored by Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony when they played there in 1958.  The program featured the Strauss tone poem Ein Heldenleben, a work so difficult to conduct that it produced bullets of sweat on the brows of such assured masters as Arturo Toscanini.  But for Reiner it was apparently effortless: What remarkable feat of multitasking did he accomplish during this legendary performance?

Question #1