Thomas Wikman

Organ Series Discontinued

Sept. 29, 2014 -- The Paul Manz Organ Series, as known heretofore, has been discontinued.

The announcement marks the end of a seven-year collaboration between musician Thomas Wikman and professor Mark Bangert, a distinguished church musician and Bach scholar who recently retired from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

Wikman, known throughout his life as both an organ recitalist and a conductor, played more than 50 free programs on the seminary's 2004 Bigelow organ during his tenure.

He characterized the collaboration with Professor Bangert and the Lutheran School as "one of the most satisfying in my career."

"Mark is so dedicated and so positive," said Wikman. "He's the best kind of musician - always looking for a way to make something good happen.

"We had a loyal and enthusiastic audience at the Lutheran School, and the staff were friendly and supportive. I have so many people to thank! Not least, those who donated to underwrite the free concerts."

Followers of Wikman's continuing musical activities can stay informed via the Wikman website and email list. To ensure your receipt of future performance notices, we recommend you subscribe.

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