Thomas Wikman
Library of Congress Thomas Wikman with Dick and Judy Mintel
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Thomas Wikman, Doctor of Fine Arts

Born in Muskegon, Michigan, Mr. Wikman was given a rigorous private musical education from an early age.  He began composing and playing the piano at age five, and was soon performing frequently in public.  At seven he began formal training with composer Carl Borgeson, studying composition, harmony, form and analysis, counterpoint and orchestration.  Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he was active in both amateur and professional circles as a composer, pianist, trombonist, organist and church choir director.

As a young man in Chicago he studied composition and theoretical subjects, primarily with Leo Sowerby and also with Stella Roberts, Jeanne Boyd and Irwin Fischer.  He studied organ and Gregorian chant with Benjamin Hadley and others; and voice with Don Murray and Norman Gulbrandsen.

In 1987, Wikman made a critically-acclaimed debut at Lincoln Center, conducting a sold-out performance of Bach's Christmas Oratorio.

In 1993 he appeared as both organist and conductor in the inaugural concert for the newly restored Library of Congress.  Opening the Vatican's "Rome Reborn" exhibit, Wikman's program of liturgical music was presented before an audience of cardinals and other church dignitaries.

In 2002 he was awarded a Doctorate of Fine Arts by the University of Illinois at Chicago for "making an incomparable contribution to the musical life of Chicago."

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Thomas Wikman
Thomas Wikman