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Love takes a Holliday: Hyde Parkers Wikman and Wife Celebrate Valentine's Day

Feb. 17, 2010
By M.L. Rantala, Classical Music Critic, Hyde Park Herald

Wikman Holliday Valentine

Valentine's Day celebrates love. Yet the American obsession with having it all and proving it by purchasing whatever bauble or symbol currently embodies proof of love - gaudy diamonds, cloying chocolates, a table at a trendy restaurant - fails to capture the power that love commands. Hyde Park soprano Andrea Holliday and her husband, keyboardist Thomas Wikman, defied convention Sunday afternoon at the Lutheran School of Theology by performing love songs without Hallmark card sentiment.

Two carefully chosen sets examined some of the darker sides of love. Their Russian collaboration emphasized the anguish of lost love, impossible love and punishing love. "Don't ignite me in love pointless" is the impassioned cry at the climax of one song. Another invokes a noisy swarm that cannot open eyes welded shut, eyes to the soul of a princess who hasn't known the magic, transforming power of love.

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